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VGK Oil-Free Trolleys & Rail...The Clean Solution!

VGK on Manufacturing Marvels!

The Oil-Free Trolley!

Your Old Steel trolley was patented back in 1885! 

Download the 1885 trolley patent HERE or on the Brochure Downloads page.

Eliminate Trolley Oil

Clean up your plant with the last piece of equipment that needs to be stainless!

Meet HACCP, FSIS, and CFR regulations

Patented Oil Free Wheel Design

One Piece Insert provides bearing surface for hinge pin and rail

Three Piece Design with a monopolymer insert and SS flanges riveted together

The riveted SS flanges provide superior strength characteristics

Eliminate Wheel Maintenance

Patented Wheel Design outwears old cast iron wheels at least 10 to 1!!!

Hundreds and Hundreds of miles of continuous testing on the VGK test track confirm these results

Over 12 years of daily use in plants across the country

Eliminate Caustic Chemicals                                                                                                       

Used to “Clean” the old steel trolley

No More Hazardous Waste!

Truly a GREEN Solution

Reliable Carrier of Information Technology

No Oil means no hole blockage on vision systems

Less Maintenance means trolleys stay on the rail…less wear and tear on RFID

Consistent Tare Weight

No metal to metal contact means tare weights don’t fluctuate

No more tare weight bandaids


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